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Is trading hard?

May 18 at 13:43
4 ieraksti
well, the statistics say that only 2-3% of traders become succesful. Yeah, pretty hard
May 19 at 06:14
18 ieraksti
You can't expect to become a millionaire overnight. It takes time and effort.
In my opinion forex trading is a hard job. The market doesn't move according to anyone, traders need to understand the nature of the market first and develop relevant skills and right trading psychology to be profitable.
May 20 at 05:14
29 ieraksti
Trading is difficult when you have no prior experience. To pull off effective trading, you'll need a lot of expertise and patience, as well as a lot of resolve.
May 24 at 06:38
23 ieraksti
Both yes and no.
Trading can be hard for absolute beginners who have no idea about the market. They need to learn and trade consistently to become better.
On the other hand, people who have devoted significant quality of time in learning about the market strategies, analysing them, and applying the procedures of risk management, for them, the market does not seem to be that hard.
Of course the market is volatile in nature, and loss is for sure fated. But with a good strategy, you will make more profits than losses.
May 24 at 07:19
16 ieraksti
There's no denying that trading is a difficult endeavour. There are few occupations as financially rewarding as trading. It's not easy to earn a large sum of money. An individual must have extensive knowledge of the market in order to make money.
May 24 at 13:24
9 ieraksti
trading is hard but it is worth it if you can become profitable. Problem is that most people never become profitable....
May 24 at 13:34
399 ieraksti
asparagusmd posted:
trading is hard but it is worth it if you can become profitable. Problem is that most people never become profitable....

I think that's because most people don't put the work in or leave to early when success is around the corner. It is not a get rich quick scheme and once most see that they don't trade anymore
May 24 at 16:26
4 ieraksti
You have to look and learn a lot of information every day. Day after day. Excitement, waste of nerves and money. Generaly hard.
But depending on what work to correlate. I think physically earning is harder.
May 25 at 05:07
148 ieraksti
To turn Forex trading easier, traders should focus on marker analysis. Traders must see the market from fundamental viewpoint besides technical one. Combination of these analyses leads a trader go ahead and make a better result in trading.
May 25 at 05:23
415 ieraksti
Whether Forex is tough or not that depends on trader’s experience. To avoid this toughness, make analysis is a part of trading. Trading analysis is a part of successful trading and technical as well as fundamental analyses are two types of special analyses.
May 30 at 09:41
18 ieraksti
I have no doubt in saying that trading is hard. But if you learn well and don’t take any shortcuts, you may have a long career that you anticipate. You have to do only what you understand, be it taking a risk or using a certain trading strategy.
May 30 at 15:39
9 ieraksti
Trading is like anthracite. Extremely hard but if you learn how to use it, it can be an excellent tool for cutting new profits
Jun 01 at 06:03
40 ieraksti
Yes definitely trading is hard without proper knowledge and experience. You can never be a successful forex trader overnight. You have to do a lot of hard work for that. A proper strategy, excellent money & risk management skills, use of stop loss, emotion management, and a lot of patience is all that it takes to be a successful forex trader.
Jun 01 at 09:29
132 ieraksti
trading can be very easy if there is good trading knowledge including a perfect money management.
Jun 06 at 09:30
23 ieraksti
It is definitely hard. It is hard for those who don’t know the basics of trading. It becomes rapidly easier when one goes along the way. But to say that forex is hard is subjective; there is no specific answer to this question.
PhoneticNachos (DavidWilks)
Jun 07 at 02:21
14 ieraksti
There's a reason roughly 90% fail.

As one of the few to survive over seven years of trading forex now, and even longer for stocks, compared to the 7+ billion people.

 Every person who tried to get started after seeing me trade that I knew quit.
Protect against loses and the profits take care of themselves.
Jun 10 at 09:37
23 ieraksti
Pretty hard, I must say! Only a very small percentage of traders are able to make money through forex trading. You may feel that you have studied well and now you will be able to make money. But nothing such happens in reality and there are only a few instances when you will be able to make any money.
Jun 14 at 12:52
20 ieraksti
Trading forex may seem hard and complicated initially. And the market being extremely volatile can make anticipation of the market movement tough. It can cause you a profit or a big loss. Have caution.
However, if you understand the market well and have deep knowledge about the market, then you can surely make enormous money by forex trading.
Jun 16 at 10:48
16 ieraksti
Yes, that’s true. Trading forex is hard and the fact that you may or may not win makes it more difficult for traders to keep faith in the market. The moving nature of the market makes it extremely tough for new and old traders to trade in the direction of the market. And because you cannot always be accurate with your predictions, it’s truly a tough business to do.
Jun 17 at 06:05
45 ieraksti
Forex trading is difficult because the market is volatile, but your knowledge and skills will undoubtedly assist you in making money.
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