Is trading hard?

Jan 03, 2021 at 07:20
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Aug 24, 2022 at 16:45
Caricology posted:
Truth to be told! Yes, forex trading is hard because it is a dynamic market that is highly unpredictable. There are no shortcuts or fixed strategies to become successful. However, it is not impossible. You need to be consistent with learning and understanding the ways of the market. It is hard, yet with consistent learning, it is possible to become a profitable trader.

I think its sometimes seen as more difficult than it is by people wanting quick money and quick gratification. If people treated it like a degree or other professional job they would accept there are ups and downs
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Aug 25, 2022 at 10:08
Yes it is. The art of forex trading can be challenging. To be successful, you must possess a wealth of knowledge, from an understanding of the various currency pairs to a command of technical analysis. Although it can be a fantastic way to earn some extra cash, forex trading is not without risk. The random nature of the forex market is another factor that makes it difficult to trade. You cannot predict the future with absolute certainty and this is why it's crucial to have a sound plan in place and the flexibility to adjust when circumstances change.
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Aug 27, 2022 at 03:59
Risk management policy is a policy maintained to lower trading risk. It is a policy that flourishes a trader’s trading but we see the absence of using this policy among traders. As a result, traders can’t prosper in their trading highly.
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Aug 29, 2022 at 10:09
When a trader trades with patience and knows their goals and path to follow, their journey will become easy. Otherwise, trading will remain hard. Longing for quick money can never make money; only hard work can.
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Aug 30, 2022 at 06:24
Trading is hard if the person doesn't have the basic knowledge and jumps in the market to trade, that will for sure bring losses. The difficulty level of trade depends upon one’s abilities solely which gets better with experience and practice.
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Sep 05, 2022 at 13:01
Trading is very hard. Much harder than any job I have every tried. Do not start trading if you want the easy life
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Sep 05, 2022 at 14:02
Oh, who says trading is easy?? Those who then lost fast, lmao. 😄😄 Trading is hard. Very very hard. And only the most purposeful people achieve some success in this. And maybe even a narrow popularity among others. But this is not given to everyone. And fortunately there are other ways to make money on Forex. 😉 Partnership, investment, sale of signals. So, everyone can succeed in something.
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Sep 05, 2022 at 14:09
Trading is very easy. Just click buy or sell 😄
Profiting from it in the long run, on the other hand, is hard and requires a solid effort.
Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
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Sep 05, 2022 at 20:11
Its very hard
F*** it we ball!
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Sep 07, 2022 at 00:01
Experience and knowledge matter in trading, but psychological trading has a high role during trades. Trading is easy when it is easy, but difficult when the time is difficult. Making profit consistently in long term is big challenge among traders
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Sep 07, 2022 at 05:44
Trading is a difficult journey, to be sure, but it is not impossible if you are determined to give your all.
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Sep 17, 2022 at 17:01

Here, brokers serve traders with numerous trading facilities and they act as an intermediary. So, we have to be careful about choosing the right trading broker.
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Sep 19, 2022 at 08:27
For me, trading is a passion and yes, it is difficult but if done properly, things become a little easier.

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Sep 19, 2022 at 12:32
Yes indeed, trading is hard as you cannot predict the market 100% accurately. It requires a lot of understanding and daily detailed analysis of the market.
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Sep 20, 2022 at 08:05
It's really hard for those who are completely new to trading and since markets are constantly changing, it takes a lot of effort to stay updated and productive in trading, but with interest one can achieve the passion for trading.
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Sep 22, 2022 at 07:25
Yes, forex trading is difficult and risky. However, it is also profitable. If you put in the time and effort to learn as much as possible about it, it could be a huge financial boon. Gaining that level of success requires a lot of time and effort. So, be consistent.
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Sep 23, 2022 at 09:16
Yes, forex trading is a hard job. It requires more dedicated hard work. Also, one must be knowledgeable in the financial field and have a good understanding of how the market works in order to succeed at forex trading.
Forex traders should also be aware of the risks involved in trading with leverage and understand how it impacts their positions.
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Oct 03, 2022 at 04:05
Yes, it is quite hard. But if you know how to trade properly, you will know how to maintain a balance between your wins and losses. Keep in mind that you will never lose more than you can afford to lose. So, keep your risks low until you are sure about your skills.
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Oct 03, 2022 at 07:22
A trader should acquire efficiency in both technical and fundamental analysis. Deficiency of analytical knowledge works as a bar in the way of gaining profit from the market.
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Oct 04, 2022 at 17:08
As learning is quite easy now, you should not miss out on this. There are so many e-books containing the basics of Forex trading and a pile of video tutorials available on Youtube.
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