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Newbie wannabe Trader

Jun 05 2020 at 01:55
4 ieraksti
Hi Folks,

I just found this informative unbiased weblsite

my goal: to learn HOW to trade

How do I?

I'm told to learn..but learn what?

Books I've read: market wizard series, Trading in the Zone, Naked Trader

Strategies: ORB Tony Crabel, Larry Williams Range Trading, Inside bar trading

My Problem: confused

Stock traders state don't trade forex as it's a mean reversion market

Trading style is based on your personality but what if I don't know my trading personality?

I've PAID for Forex education BUT it just teaches THEORY pattern recognition and Price Action

Why the trend in UK on Forex and nothing on Options Futures trading (my observation)

I've started LIVE trading....every trade goes against me....

Diff schools of thought on trading...owhich methodology? Dow theory? Wyckoff method?

Experienced traders which path do I go down?

Jun 06 2020 at 11:09
19 ieraksti
Hi! It's okay to be a little confused at the beginning, everyone's going through it. If you think that each deal is a loss to you, maybe you should take a little more time to demo. Maybe you have enough experience for a real account, but you're just morally not ready and you start to panic because of it. And a lot of trading forums offer free learning of trading bases, you can find more information online. Even if you think you know everything, it isn't superfluous to check all the information again, so you will be more confident and less panicky. You're gonna make it, don't give up. It's a good thing you're looking for help, not just stopped trading. I believe in you!

Jun 07 2020 at 05:23
4 ieraksti
Thanks Duranh

I've graduated from babypips btw...which everyone recommends

Jun 07 2020 at 15:15
25 ieraksti
I agree with the previous commentator) Maybe you just rushed to open a real account when you need some more time to demo. Different people spend different amounts of time preparing for real risks, from a couple of months to a whole year. It's also cool that you've been trained on babypips, there's good training. Eventually you'll gain experience and will not be so nervous, but on the contrary you'll be more confident in yourself and in your knowledge. Visit more forums, read additional articles about trading, spend a little more time on demo. And of course, don't forget about motivation. It can be hard for everybody, and especially at the beginning, but it isn't a reason to give up ;)

Jun 08 2020 at 07:53
33 ieraksti
chachaman posted:
Thanks Duranh

I've graduated from babypips btw...which everyone recommends

Even I made a lot of use of Babypips in the starting years

Jun 08 2020 at 15:43
25 ieraksti
You don't have to overthink too much all this stuff, it certainly won't help. Everybody sometimes has some problems and we lose money. But this experience helps us get better and more experienced over time. So don't think too much about past deals, think about what you can fix in future deals to make you profit.

Jun 09 2020 at 06:42
55 ieraksti
Do you trade using a plan. If you don't you must formulate a plan for your trades, that really helps one stay on track.
Rest i wish you all the best and stay calm.

Jun 10 2020 at 07:13
31 ieraksti
Suarez posted:
Do you trade using a plan. If you don't you must formulate a plan for your trades, that really helps one stay on track.
Rest i wish you all the best and stay calm.

Sound trading plan is essential to trading.

Jun 11 2020 at 16:38
47 ieraksti
Wow, that newbie got so much support, that's really nice)) As for the trading plan, I also agree that a successful trader can't do without it. How will you know if you're moving in the right direction if you don't have a map? Just like a trading plan is your map in the world of trading. It's a slightly simplified metaphor, but pretty reasonable. You can either find a ready-made plan with a strategy or develop your own one, it's up to you. But I would advise you to use a ready plan at first, and optimize it for your skills and capabilities.

Richard Fraser (Beast240184)
Jun 12 2020 at 00:50
4 ieraksti
Hi there, in the forex world you will find the more you learn the less you know, thats when things get overwelming. Everyone can start to trade knowing the basics but you need to find a strategy that you like and demo or real trade if you have the money to loose for practice sake with small amount untill you are profitable. I would reccomend at least 100 trades and 3 to 6 months trading. The worst thing you can do is strategy hopping, you will loose your mind beleave me. Stick to what works for you.

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