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Dec 09 2009 at 00:17
131 ieraksti
OMG!! - FAP51 - What a fuckin' rip-off!! And I'd bet that its a cracked copy of FAP at that. Prob not a single line of original code. These hackers have NO shame.
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Dec 09 2009 at 08:10
397 ieraksti
have anyone noticed that fapturbo 49 ( have been posting a myfxbook account on their website, but once the verification system was introduced, they've removed it immediately?

unbelievable, just goes to show you that it's just another ripoff ea.

fapturbo admin, where are you? care to explain?
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Dec 09 2009 at 22:38
1 ieraksti
>> 213 posts biz0101 14 hours ago have anyone noticed that fapturbo 49 (
This was only a on demo account anyway - results wont be representative of any live account, especially with a spread-sensitive EA as this seems to be...
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Jason Mills (JazzmanWA)
Dec 16 2009 at 00:56
15 ieraksti
Well here goes nothing...

I am brand new to Forex trading. Figured I'd give the whole EA thing a shot. I purchased FAP Turbo, figured it was cheap and if it worked, 'great!', if not, 'no biggie!'.

Over the last few days (currently unemployed with A LOT of time on my hands) I've been doing back tests with different time settings, Stop losses, take profits, etc. Trust me, I've probably done more in three days to figure out the strategy that would work for me than most of the people that just plug it in and expect it to work and then call it crap. I've been doing research, reading posts, web sites and getting as much info as I can to make this thing work.

Now, I know it isn't huge but, over the last couple days, with the back tests I've done to get the strategy I want, FAP Turbo has given me 2% increase. I know that isn't huge but, I have really low risk and I'm testing it exactly how I would be doing it with real money. $1000 deposit with Alpari US.

Now then, if I can just get the confirmation thing to work, I could show you all how it is doing.

Now then, did the backtest show draw down...YES! But, at the times I was trading, the gains far outweighed the losses. I'm just hoping that it does well live testing!

One thing I did find in a lot of my back testing was some big losses in October. Was Oct. a really bad month in Forex this year?

May the PIPs be with you!
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Jan 10 2010 at 20:06
8 ieraksti
Here is one more good fapturbo account in monitoring: $500 to $1000 USD, broker
Jan 10 2010 at 20:10
397 ieraksti
fapturbo49 posted:
    Here is one more good fapturbo account in monitoring: $500 to $1000 USD, broker

sir, very nice of you to return and post unverified stats which means nothing.

still waiting to see your verified results right here in myfxbook.

by the way, are you the admin of fapturbo?
Sleep is for the weak.
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