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Martynas (By Alkanas )

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Jan 15 2021 at 09:44
22 ieraksti
There’s no data on this demo. Hope you use this for good.
Feb 08 2021 at 05:03
18 ieraksti
Why is this so empty? There is no data, chart, leverage information here.
Mar 09 2021 at 10:26
19 ieraksti
This really needs some info. Why did you post this here in the first place?
Mar 16 2021 at 11:12
26 ieraksti
This system is in need of some details and information.
Mar 25 2021 at 05:27
11 ieraksti
Your system lacks information and data, could you share that please?
Mar 30 2021 at 06:10
16 ieraksti
There is nothing that I can talk about. All I can see is that you are using a demo account. I hope that you use this demo account to your maximum advantage and make some winning trades when you go live. All the very best to you!
Apr 17 2021 at 10:33
13 ieraksti
Why have you shared an empty system here?
Mike Netville (Netville)
Apr 24 2021 at 23:41
2 ieraksti
yur system lacks information and data
 could you share that ?
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