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Martynas (By Alkanas )

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Typ Demo
Páka: 1:100
Obchod Manuálny
Jan 15 at 09:44
22 príspevkov
There’s no data on this demo. Hope you use this for good.

Feb 08 at 05:03
18 príspevkov
Why is this so empty? There is no data, chart, leverage information here.

Mar 09 at 10:26
19 príspevkov
This really needs some info. Why did you post this here in the first place?

Mar 16 at 11:12
26 príspevkov
This system is in need of some details and information.

Mar 25 at 05:27
11 príspevkov
Your system lacks information and data, could you share that please?

Mar 30 at 06:10
16 príspevkov
There is nothing that I can talk about. All I can see is that you are using a demo account. I hope that you use this demo account to your maximum advantage and make some winning trades when you go live. All the very best to you!

Apr 17 at 10:33
13 príspevkov
Why have you shared an empty system here?

Mike Netville (Netville)
Apr 24 at 23:41
2 príspevkov
yur system lacks information and data
 could you share that ?

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