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ModelForex (By Chief Arquitect )

Pieaugums -9.15%
Kritums (Drawdown) 64.99%
Pipi: -247313.8
Darījumi 2698
Tips Reāls
Kredīta plecs: 1:30
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Chief Arquitect (Modellerr)
Dec 06 2020 at 22:33
7 ieraksti
100% win rate last week 73/73

Dec 11 2020 at 11:47
21 ieraksti
I’m impressed that you have a 100% win rate for last week..

Chief Arquitect (Modellerr)
Dec 17 2020 at 11:51
7 ieraksti
mikehussy332 posted:
I’m impressed that you have a 100% win rate for last week..

I am still expecting to end December with a 100% Win rate. I am somehow stretching the system trailing DD tolerance.
I trade with and without SL.

Chief Arquitect (Modellerr)
Dec 21 2020 at 23:02
7 ieraksti
About to end the month but still keeping a 97% win rate in december

Chief Arquitect (Modellerr)
Dec 29 2020 at 18:59
7 ieraksti
Next month I will stop gold trades in this account.
It will still target 1% daily compounding return

Chief Arquitect (Modellerr)
Dec 30 2020 at 14:49
7 ieraksti
ModelForex system is a Top30 signal ranked on among more than 600 systems

Jan 13 at 09:01
27 ieraksti
That’s great. 100% win rate isn’t easy to get. Good to know and keep sharing.

Feb 10 at 09:19
23 ieraksti
That’s awesome! It is not easy to get such good results and I’m glad you decided to share this here. Thank you.

Mar 10 at 05:36
17 ieraksti
Your trading system looks amazing. Could you provide some information about this please.

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