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Price action, price levels, correlation

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ATC -18.32% 4.88% -52.2 Manuāli 1:50 Reāls
Rulala Nov 08 2012 at 07:18
Hello Rulala!

clausejmbm has just posted in your subscribed topic :


This guy is a big thief. i made the mistake to buy his EA. I was very excited about it. After installing it in to my live account I have lost almost all of my money. After a while I have also received the following email from my broker:

Warning: Excessive amount of requests to FinFX servers‏

Our server logs show excessive amount activity on your trading account and this is causing unreasonable load to the servers. It is most likely due to an EA sending too many requests. Please, kindly check your EA parameters

I contacted him for support. He said he would take care of it. Since then he never ever replied to my messages. He is a waste of money!!

Burn in hell you thief
hwlm Nov 08 2012 at 07:25
Why are you posting this on my feed?
Rulala Nov 08 2012 at 07:18