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I've been in forex for a while and like many others being burnt few time. However, I didn't give up. I studied the market till I figured out a low-risk strategy. I'm sure nothing is perfect and my strategy will have flaws but by reducing my risk and and exposure, I can comfortably manage any losses that I might incur.

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My trading is based on two key factors - Market Analysis & Risk Control. I analyzes market with extensive research focused on economies of the traded currencies. Released economic data and future projection comprises an integral part of the analysis. The risk control is vigorously managed by targeting max drawdown to less than 10% of the account and utilizing upto 10% of the account balance in active trading at any given time. Maximum leverage is restricted to 1:50. Trading is manual and usually with predetermined buy and sell orders. SQ Forex trading strategy is a mix of short and medium term trades with 5-10 trades per week. Main currency pairs traded include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY. However, at times other currencies like AUD, NZD or CAD may be traded. I strongly believes in discipline and tight risk control - the two main reasons for failure in forex trading.

Control your risk, profit will follow you!

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