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Benjamin Van Tran


Vārds Benjamin Van Tran

Manual trading only is based on price action and fundamentals . No indicators are used . The expert advisers don't work for me. Based on my many years experience in Forex , I finally realise that safe leverage ( leverage 1:5 maximum ) is the key to succeed in Forex market . I am quite happy if I could achieve 15% profit consistently every year.

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Counter trend , swing trading . Time frame : daily , weekly and monthly . Limit orders are always placed with take profits and no stop loss .

Often , the best trade is no trade at all

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IC_AUD 140.68% 43.44% 86781.2 Manuāli 1:30 Reāls
Client_1 18.42% 31.55% 11986.8 Manuāli 1:500 Reāls
mohsinj Oct 21 2020 at 12:00
Hi Benjamin
I have seen your trading and quite impressed. Have you tried social trading platform. I heard their platform hook up MT4 directly and traders can make upto 30% profit through their signals.
VietPips Aug 01 2014 at 11:34
Trade tốt quá, rất vui được làm quen với bạn!