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EagleFX apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 3.8 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 20
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Oct 30 at 12:24
50 ieraksti
Used this broker for quite a while now (2 years or so) and I've never had any problems.

A big plus is that they offer same day withdrawals (not a lot of brokers offer this) and they have lots of markets to trade, you can even trade Crypto on a weekend.

When I first signed up, I had lots of questions and the customer service team were on hand, helped me out and answered any questions.

Sam (Rasperr)
Oct 09 at 19:28
20 ieraksti
Don't get much better than EagleFX imo, easy to get started, small minimum deposit, 5-6 hour withdrawals, fast responsive customer support.
It's fantastic, really is - super impressed with the service so far, and they actually share valuable info to help you trade.

Aug 11 at 07:21
38 ieraksti
At the start of last year I got in to trading Crypto, Whilst looking for a broker that could offer me the best deal EagleFX stood out, there leverage and amount of Cryptos was the best, after a while I found them to be faster and more reliable then my main broker I used for forex so in the end I transferred over and just had 2 accounts with EagleFX 1 for crypto and 1 for forex. Now well over a year and no issues at all and they just keep getting better.

Jul 29 at 14:46
47 ieraksti
I have been using these for a long time, originally for the crypto as they have all the cryptos you can think of and I can trade it with leverage. After a while decided to try them out for forex as well as again they have proper leverage and wasn't disappointed. I like that I can use BTC to deposit and withdraw, it makes it so much quicker and they don't charge fees so I can withdraw weekly without worrying. Over all a good broker with very little to complain about.

Jul 07 at 11:07
207 ieraksti
I’m using them for more than 2 years already and all’s more than fine. My key points are fast withdraws, responsive client support, good leverage and pairs variety. Also their web trader works very smooth and it’s really useful.

Jun 07 at 08:34
36 ieraksti
Really like the broker over the past couple of years, no real issues and the withdrawals are quick. Would be nice to see them have MT5 but MT4 is more than enough and has pretty quick servers. Withdrawals are very quick too which is great.

May 17 at 11:14
30 ieraksti
I've been using EagleFX for a while now and I've been impressed with most things. While I mainly use them for running my forex EA's, they seem to have loads of crypto pairs, if that's more your thing. Deposits and withdrawals are always swift

Rachel (REB_FX)
May 04 at 18:09
50 ieraksti
Got started on EagleFX to trade Crypto over the weekends mainly, and have been very happy using this broker.
Crypto leverage was also a welcome bonus at 1:100.
Having the ability to manage my trades for the full 7 days was extremely important to me, so a broker with 24/7 was crucial and EagleFX have not disappointed.

Apr 20 at 06:02
24 ieraksti
Long time using eagle and they have been reliable and prompt when dealing with issues and withdrawals. Would recommend.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Apr 03 at 08:49
54 ieraksti
Been using EagleFX for a while now and i have no complaints, customer service was spot on helped me open the account i needed and wanted. withdrawals are super fast too, i went to these for the crypto trading on the weekend and they have not failed!

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