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SuperForex apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 3.1 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 28
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Oct 06 2016 at 13:38
1 ieraksti
Good Broker.
Yesterday i registrate with it. For now I deposit 5$ and start to trade.
Support is always friendly, helping me and answered all my questions. So far I am satisfied

Oct 13 2016 at 06:57
1 ieraksti
I can't say a lot about this broker, because i just decided to test their no deposit bonus.
I registered account 2 weeks ago, and after verification i've got my NDB. Now i'm trading in order to withdraw money, it takes a lot of time, because they don't have mobile app. Thanks to support i solved the problem with verification and recieved my bonus, but the answered a bit slow

Oct 16 2016 at 06:10
1 ieraksti
Hi all,
I decided to test this broker and their withdrawal system.
Successfully made a deposit and withdraw my money back after several days of trading. It works good, no problems committed

Oct 17 2016 at 19:40
1 ieraksti
Normal one
Trading for several months, no problems committed. Withdrawal system works good, but last week there were some troubles with MT4 client, anyway they solved this problem in several hours.

Mar 16 2017 at 07:09
5 ieraksti
Let's remain positive and acknowledge the above spreads are 1 point and not 1 pip spreads.

Mar 24 2017 at 06:57
3 ieraksti
My account was blown within 5 days.

evroza (evroza)
May 21 2018 at 06:24
4 ieraksti
Till now I was surprised with SuperForex customer policy but bellow I will explain why I don't trust them anymore.

First, Yesterday (May, 17.2018) they changed a minimum lot size from 0.01 Lot to 0.50 Lots for Micro accounts. It was done without any prior notice or without some announcement. Just imagine, they change it for 5000% and they didn't tell the customer about it.

When I realized that they change it, and when I asked what is it about, they told me 'Sorry. Our mistake.' and that was it. Still They claim 0.01 as a minimum lotsize, and I can see, that You didn't change it, too.

Second, about HotEnergyBonus (60% on deposit). I had an account for a while and I traded on it. Sometimes ago when I read about that Bonus, I made a deposit with it. Suddenly, all my deposits before that moment they count as they were made with bonus. So, if You have deposit 100 USD$ without it and 1 USD$ with that kind of bonus they will count that You deposited 101 USD$ with HotEnergyBonus. Beware.

It is not a matter of money it is the matter of principals.

Aug 26 2018 at 11:10
1 ieraksti

Fees (Profit Share) are calculated double in forex copy.

The forex copy system is faulty. A large number of orders are not copied, and the SL and TP are usually not changed by the clients.

If you make too much profit, it will simply be canceled. And even retroactively. This means that basically you are trading in vain all the time, because the broker does not allow any profit. IB Profit from this canceled profit orders will also be canceled.

Demo accounts are issued as real money accounts

syafix (syafix)
Dec 04 2018 at 08:15
1 ieraksti
Good broker and I have trade with happiness. Make Money easily in Superforex 😄

Less trade but more profit made
Feb 04 2019 at 11:02
4 ieraksti
I ve been trading with superforex for a long time really it's a very good broker with little spread, good and professional support and good terminal

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