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SuperForex User Reviews
Member Since Jan 08, 2024   1 posts
Jun 14 at 04:08
Blijkbaar neemt het bedrijf het niet zo nauw met hun uitbetalingen, ze beloven een verwerking van 24h , maar ik wacht nu reeds meer dan een week, reeds verschillende keren chat support ingeroepen, maar het enigste wat ik hoor is dat ik 24h moet wachten, zelfs na meer dan een week ..... of dat het aana een derde partij zou liggen , hoewel de opnamen bij de broker nog altijd op 'pending' staat, dus niks te maken met 3de partij.... denk allemaal maar eens goed na vooraleer je U geld toevertrouwd aan dit bedrijf . Vandaag nogmaals chat support geraadpleegd en gedreigd met verdere stappen , dan kreeg ik te horen dat zij enkel het support team zijn, dat ze dit doorgeven aan het financiele department , maar dat het dus niet 'hun' fout is ... ik geef ze nogmaals 24h, update volgt...
Nu gisteren 13/06 nogmaals support gecontacteerd om de stand van zaken te vragen.... Blijkbaar krijg ik terug melding dat 'zij' maar support zijn en dit enkel doorgeven wordt aan de financiële dep. Nu zou hun virtualpay in onderhoud zijn....?? Nochtans storten met virtualpay werkt blijkbaar prima... Verder probeerde hij me opnieuw andere methode van withdrawel, Astropay te laten kiezen.... Maar ik had zelfs die keuze niet... Enkel via Visa.... Dus je wordt hier continu aan het lijntje gehouden... Mails worden niet beantwoord... Chats worden gesloten als je teveel vragen stelt.... Echte oplichters.... Ik laat het daar natuurlijk niet bij.... Als ze problemen willen zullen ze die krijgen, vuile scammers
Member Since Oct 08, 2022   1 posts
Apr 29 at 07:11
Broker execution is very good.
Impressive service
Member Since Apr 12, 2023   1 posts
Apr 13 at 15:32
Super forex أفضل وسيط قد تعاملت إلى حد الأن
لقد فزت في مسابقة الإسراع نحو ذهب التي تنضم من طرف الوسيط Super forex وقد حصلت على المركز الثاني برصيد 50$ والأن يمكنني تداول في عالم الفوركس وسحب الأرباح ،أنصح الجميع بالإلتحاق بالمسابقات خاصة بsuper forex
شكرا لsuper forex لإعطاء فرصة للمبتدئين في تداول الفوركس
Member Since Apr 15, 2020   1 posts
Oct 25, 2022 at 11:29

Ils vous coupent vos positions quand ils le souhaite.
Le bonus des 88$, si vous faite des plus valus, ils vous vide le compte en enlevant le bonus ET vos plus valus. Il m'ont enlevé 300$ de cette façon.
Il ne vous sera pas possible non plus de faire des transfère sur vos compte avec votre propre argent !
Pour finir, tout est fait pour vous faire perdre et vous empêcher de récupérer vos fonds. Ils vont jusqu’à vous couper vos positions en gain pour éviter de vous payer.

Le pire broker jamais eut de loin.
Member Since Jun 16, 2022   1 posts
Jul 04, 2022 at 03:28
SuperForex is a BOGUS broker. Their new account bonuses are attractive, however that's all useless when the broker is untrustworthy and rips you off.
The attached screenshot was my trading results before they suddenly decided to close down my accounts, claiming I'd exceeded the 50% margin limit...quite impossible considering I risk less than 1% on each trade, and had only 2-3 postions open when they shut me down!


Member Since Nov 17, 2021   1 posts
Nov 26, 2021 at 15:01
As the winner of the Bitcoin Mania #95, I feel grateful for this opportunity Superforex has given to people all around the world, especially in my country, to raise awareness of Superforex events to Thai Forex Traders, and encourage them to participate in the events. I hope there will be more opportunities for everyone in the future.
Member Since Nov 30, 2013   1 posts
Jul 19, 2021 at 08:42
today i win from a bitcoin mania demo contest $100,,,this is great contest event for all trader for join in this forex broker,,,this is best and trusted forex broker,,you better join this broker and make profit daily :)
Member Since Jul 03, 2019   1 posts
Feb 24, 2021 at 20:03
Пока ничего не выводил с этого брокера, но выиграл 100$ в конкурсе BitcoinMania #76. Посмотрим, что будет. Конкурс хороший - выиграть легко. Огорчает лишь, что сайт этого брокера почему-то недоступен с территории РФ, приходится пользоваться впн.
Member Since Mar 10, 2012   1 posts
Nov 20, 2020 at 04:40
I took part in the Gold Rush #66 demo contest for a long time and won a prize.
This competition taught me how to trade gold.
They also have a SuperForex BitcoinMania contest.
I will write in detail about real trading and withdrawal of funds later.
Member Since Jul 31, 2020   1 posts
Nov 03, 2020 at 17:52
I have been trading with SuperForex since December 2017. First, with the $25 no deposit bonus, and later, with my own fund. SuperForex is my first broker since I started my trading career. I happy to be with them. At time, I feel like I know everyone there. The customer support is fast and does all to solve my queries on time.

Recently, I started participating in the Bitcoinmania Demo account contest. It is challenging! More than 5000 traders from around the world are coming in every two weeks to battle and show their trading skills by trading trading $2000 in the Cryptocurrency market. The trader with the higher profit is the winner.

I am pleased to be the winner of the Bitcoinmania #68. I'm really happy for being closer to a broker like SuperForex. I truly recommend them to any new or accomplished trader who wants to experience something new in the industry. Deposit Bonuses ranging from 60% to 2000%. Wide range of deposit methods. Sophisticated trading platform and many other advantages.

I rate SuperForex 4.5/5
Join the super traders ! Join SuperForex!
Member Since Jan 17, 2014   12 posts
Jun 24, 2020 at 13:50
I won the Superforex Gold Rush Bonus
I won the Superforex Gold Rush Bonus, now I will trade real and transpose in USD 1,000.00, thanks Superforex
Member Since Mar 31, 2013   4 posts
Apr 22, 2019 at 06:54
I ve been trading with superforex for a long time really it's a very good broker with little spread, good and professional support and good terminal. and also they have a contest for cryptocurrencies trader and i've won in this contest the first prize
atahank you SUPERFOREX
Member Since Mar 31, 2013   4 posts
Feb 04, 2019 at 11:02
I ve been trading with superforex for a long time really it's a very good broker with little spread, good and professional support and good terminal
Member Since Oct 16, 2016   1 posts
Dec 04, 2018 at 08:15
Good broker and I have trade with happiness. Make Money easily in Superforex 😄
Member Since Aug 17, 2018   1 posts
Aug 26, 2018 at 11:10

Fees (Profit Share) are calculated double in forex copy.

The forex copy system is faulty. A large number of orders are not copied, and the SL and TP are usually not changed by the clients.

If you make too much profit, it will simply be canceled. And even retroactively. This means that basically you are trading in vain all the time, because the broker does not allow any profit. IB Profit from this canceled profit orders will also be canceled.

Demo accounts are issued as real money accounts

Member Since Mar 13, 2013   4 posts
May 21, 2018 at 06:24
Till now I was surprised with SuperForex customer policy but bellow I will explain why I don't trust them anymore.

First, Yesterday (May, 17.2018) they changed a minimum lot size from 0.01 Lot to 0.50 Lots for Micro accounts. It was done without any prior notice or without some announcement. Just imagine, they change it for 5000% and they didn't tell the customer about it.

When I realized that they change it, and when I asked what is it about, they told me 'Sorry. Our mistake.' and that was it. Still They claim 0.01 as a minimum lotsize, and I can see, that You didn't change it, too.

Second, about HotEnergyBonus (60% on deposit). I had an account for a while and I traded on it. Sometimes ago when I read about that Bonus, I made a deposit with it. Suddenly, all my deposits before that moment they count as they were made with bonus. So, if You have deposit 100 USD$ without it and 1 USD$ with that kind of bonus they will count that You deposited 101 USD$ with HotEnergyBonus. Beware.

It is not a matter of money it is the matter of principals.
Member Since Dec 15, 2016   3 posts
Mar 24, 2017 at 06:57
My account was blown within 5 days.
Member Since Oct 27, 2014   5 posts
Mar 16, 2017 at 07:09
Let's remain positive and acknowledge the above spreads are 1 point and not 1 pip spreads.
Member Since Oct 10, 2016   1 posts
Oct 17, 2016 at 19:40
Normal one
Trading for several months, no problems committed. Withdrawal system works good, but last week there were some troubles with MT4 client, anyway they solved this problem in several hours.
Member Since Oct 10, 2016   1 posts
Oct 16, 2016 at 06:10
Hi all,
I decided to test this broker and their withdrawal system.
Successfully made a deposit and withdraw my money back after several days of trading. It works good, no problems committed
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