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19 ieraksti
I have been using the system since June. Results were great initially but September and October were definitely lower. I looked into this and it was all to do with usdchf. This pair sucked over that period. The other pairs are still doing really strong. I've dropped usdchf now, never really liked that pair anyway.
3 ieraksti
chane posted:
Could anybody share real results for September and October 2017 using the signals of this tool for comparison? My results from about 100 trades within these two months are quiet disappointing. Thx!

like to see some update on that too
85 ieraksti
I also had a not so great September but that's only one month. It's a simple breakout system so you are not ever going to get the best entry but it's great if you don't have a lot of time to trade and are willing to let your trades run for a while. Basically, you are paying for a system to find support and resistance for you and give you signals based on breakouts of that s/r. You will get some fakouts but the idea of the breakout system is you will get more breakouts then fakeouts. I was told by Jim use tp2 always to match results on website. You can also do 3 trades each signal but it's a lot of work. Make sure, too, to not double up if you get the same signal twice.
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1 ieraksti
Could anybody share real results for September and October 2017 using the signals of this tool for comparison? My results from about 100 trades within these two months are quiet disappointing. Thx!
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1 ieraksti
How to buy this system?
3 ieraksti
thanks for the information
85 ieraksti
I bought this from Jim and tried it out. Great system, great support. I was making the decision between his system and my own and decided to stick with mine but Jim was prompt to get back to my emails and the system does work as described. I would not hesitate to recommend.
It is a breakout system. Basically, it sends you signals based on S/R. When S/R forms, it sends a signal to set a buy/sell stop. It is designed so you can set and forget because each signal comes with an expiration date.
Choose a good reputation over great riches (PROVERBS 22:1)
7 ieraksti
Hi cbr,
ja natürlich funktioniert das auch für einen Mini-Account. Die Positionsgröße bestimmst du selbst - ebenso die eigentliche Orderausführung. FX Climber sendet dir lediglich das Signal, nach dem kannst du dann handeln oder nicht!
Die Order sind meist Stop-Orders
3 ieraksti
works it with a mini-account too?
I am from Ausria. Do someone speaks german ?
Thank you for answer.
Best regards chris
15 ieraksti
I couldn't figure out a way to automate it. I asked the developer and they said that he chose not to automate the system because he doesn't like the idea of a robot taking trades on his real account and he prefers to enter trades manually. I kind of get that but it would be nice to have the option. The system is still rather easy to use even if it does not take trades automatically. It can be set to email signals so I do that and then trade using the MT4 app. I've got rather good results so far, so I'm going to stick with it.
157 ieraksti
is there any way to automate this system and backtest it? anyone can make an ea out of it?
3 ieraksti
😂😉it seems the indicator is fake ? oh not really that so, then where the comment came from and why the track record is not verified ?😇
1 ieraksti
anyone else thinks all these reviews are fake ? on their website they didn't even give a verified link of their trading. I can't trust any of the above review unless they back it up. here is fxbook link of climber system : history private, 22% gain with 10% drawdown and even track record not verified !!
3 ieraksti
Positive comment about this indicators made me curious to get the system really. Personally I do not like automated trading, thus way I feel good and interested about the indicators with different positive feedback.

But anyway, Can anyone who used this system tell me the average performance of this system ? its performance ratio, for every 10 trades how many it can make positive. with positive-negative = ? trades how many pips it is able to make. please respond me anyone experienced with its performance .

3 ieraksti
18 ieraksti
I've had a good run of results on this system too. I made a loss on the first day but after that there have been a lot of pips. Very pleased that I got it
13 ieraksti
I've been using the system for a week on the 4 hour time frame and 9 out of 10 trades reached the take profit. I'm pretty amazed by that. I know it is early days but still very impressive
64 ieraksti
any trading results about this signal system?
16 ieraksti
This is a nice little system. I've tried a few robots over the years but nothing quite like this. The system creates buy/sell signals but it doesn't automatically enter trades. I was attracted to this because I had lost so much money over the years from automated robots. I wait for a signal from the system and then enter the trade myself. This is a real benefit because if I know that there is some uncertainty in the market (like an election or NFP) I prefer to stay out of the market and don't take any trades. Other than that I follow the system 100% mechanically and have had really good results. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I am in control of everything.
3 ieraksti
i would like to give this system a try. How do i check out their performance?
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