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Forex Climber Review Scores

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Forex Climber Discussion

1 posts
anyone else thinks all these reviews are fake ? on their website they didn't even give a verified link of their trading. I can't trust any of the above review unless they back it up. here is fxbook link of climber system : history private, 22% gain with 10% drawdown and even track record not verified !!
3 posts
Positive comment about this indicators made me curious to get the system really. Personally I do not like automated trading, thus way I feel good and interested about the indicators with different positive feedback.

But anyway, Can anyone who used this system tell me the average performance of this system ? its performance ratio, for every 10 trades how many it can make positive. with positive-negative = ? trades how many pips it is able to make. please respond me anyone experienced with its performance .

64 posts
any trading results about this signal system?
7 posts
it is not an automated system - it provides signals to buy or to sell. There are 3 different target-levels and a stop-loss-level provided. So the lot-size is completely up to you.
I now use forex-climber for about a month and the entries are very good. The RRR is about 1:1 and when you use all 3 target-levels you are kind of scaling out. You may also use the 2nd target only.

Winning trades appear to be more than 60% i think so far. You have to have your own money-management!

I like the system and i am trading on bigger timeframes (h1 and h4). I am very happy with that great trading tool
3 posts

Can you tell me how many trades per day this robot makes? what is the wining %? What is the minimum account size that this robot can trade with? and what size of lots per trade? 1.0 lot or 0.01?
Does it trade by itself or we should enter the trades manually?

Finally, at what price you sell this robot? for how long? is it one time payment or yearly?

Looking forward to your answers, Have a good time!

13 posts
I've been trying this system for a few weeks and have been really impressed. I've made great profit and the signals are really straight forward to follow. One disadvantage is that the system only works on six Forex pairs. But this has produced plenty of pips so far. I'll update how it goes.
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