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I am developer, I am coding any kind of tools traders need, - plus I am doing my own research, to find at least some Programmable trading rule or tool that can really help.

If you are trader - you probably have some favorite indicator/strategy/bot?
I'd like you to compare it with one of last tools I've coded.
There is also my research "The Road So Far" .

And if you have something better - let me know - my mind is Very constructive - my talent is to gather details into something bigger.
(that last tool at my site - it is not mine - it is also Gathered from several rules)
Same for you - I am sure I will be able to combine strong pieces of our tools/ideas. I think such communication between experienced people - is a better way to DO something great, than endless searching by one selves.

Trading style:
repeatable / own programmed /

I have a question to YOU. read : in my profile / reply : in private.

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