My dream to operate with a doctor has come true. However, besides work, there is another hobby in my life - changing the dolls that I create myself. As far back as I can remember, I have always been doing something: knitting, painting, painting. Then I tried to sew a cloth doll. It worked. Gradually, I began to master other techniques for making dolls. From head to toe, I do everything myself, the paint brushes too. Now I have fans all over Thailand. Each time they are happy to bring to life a new heroine of their creative fantasies. In my free time I like to play the piano, dance, watch movies, I like ballet and theater in general. My specialization is "Radiological Diagnostics". So far, I can only work as a district therapist, but in the summer of 2021 I will finish my studies and work as a radiologist. During my research, I discovered for myself that in the world of the profession, which is striking in its diversity, I heard many interesting and novelties. The profession of a doctor is the most humane, we give all our ideas and strength to individuals, so the issue of ethics and deontology is external. During my work, I have seen many interesting clinical cases. A wide range of problems that the authors of the site bring to the pages of their posts is set by its own socio-political, as well as scientific and practical orientation. The site highlights the issues of health promotion, prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases: cardiovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases, diabetes. The magazine's most important goal is to inform viewers about the main achievements, challenges and prospects of preventive medicine in Thailand, as well as to introduce the world's best practices to prevent the burden of mortality from chronic noncommunicable diseases. both clinical medicine and organizational technologies.