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Name Sebastian

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Trading style:
Trading is not a gambling game. If you decide you want to gamble, don't follow me. I will not lead you to short-term wealth.

Instead, I provide a system that manages to keep risk to an absolute minimum while maintaining consistently profitable. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONSISTENCY!

Most of the signal providers on this website have a winning streak and you might think it would be better to stick to them. But you will see how they all fall down. If you stick with me, I can almost guarantee you that you will have signifcantly more money on your account in a year from now.

Myfxbook gives more money to signal providers the more profitable trades they have. That is the sole reason that most traders on this website are trading systems with 80-90% profitable trades. But such a system CANNOT be profitable in the long run! Sooner or later, the drawdown will wipe out your account. Because these traders will not cut their losses! Instead, they will hope that the trade will eventually turn profitable again. This is extremely dangerous!

I am different. I will not try to get 80% profitable trades. While this may look good in the statistics, it is not when it comes to real trading. Trading is not that easy!

An Example:
Trader A wins 80% of his trades. He will do whatever it takes to close the position in profit, no matter how big or small it is.
As a result, his average profit per winning trade will be relatively small. Sure, there may be a big one every now and then, but most of the time he will close winning trades to make sure it won't turn into a loser. And if there's a losing one, he will close the position as soon as it gets green.

On the other hand, if he is losing, he will not close the position. Because he doesn't want to lose. He doesn't want his statistics to be hurt. He will not make money from the trade and neither from the signal. So he sticks onto it. And while sometimes it works and the trade turns profitable again, every now and then there will be a trade that doesn't do that. What this means? a BIG and LARGE loss.

So if he wins 20€ on every winning trade with 80% profitable trades, he will make 160€ profit on 100 trades.
On the other hand, his losers are always BIG. He loses 100€ on every losing trade, because that is where his "catastrophy stop" is at (most people don't even have that). This means he will lose 20 trades with 100€ loss = 200€ loss.

So while he has been profitable 80% of the time, he is still not profitable in the bigger picture, the long term.

If someone, however, is only profitable 40% of the time, but makes 3 times the money on winning trades than he loses on losing trades, it looks like this:

10€ avg. loss on 60 of 100 trades = 60€ loss
30€ avg. win on 40 of 100 trades = 120€ profit

All in all, he has made 60€ profit in the LONG RUN.

Losing more trades than he wins doesn't mean his entry signal is bad or worse than the one of the above mentioned trader. It all comes down to STOP TECHNIQUE.

 I expect to make some money from this, but I'm not out for the big money. The big money comes from my TRADING! I do not need the money I get by providing signals. It is just a secondary source of income. More importantly, it is a chance for YOU to follow one of the few long-term profitable traders. Most experts believe that about 95% of all traders lose money in the long term in the market.

BE one of the few!

I use technical analysis to trade market technique. I do not use any indicators, as all the information I need is depicted on the chart itself and the price. When it comes to trading, always remember: The simpler a system is, the better! My system is simple, which makes me able to be crystal clear about what to do in the market at any given time. This is what's most important: It allows me to have STRICT and CLEAR stop settings, so I can enter and leave the market at exactly the time I want to.

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