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Specialized in professional backtesting and development of trading strategies. No risky martingale, grid and/or averaging systems. Always using initial Stop Loss. Always stick to max risk per trade and max number of simultaneously open positions.

Fully verified live track record with constant risk setting:

Contact for business inquiries:
office [] novel-capital [] com

Trading style:
Automated (but under human control), no extrem scalping, focused on long-term stability / profitability and only safe strategies.

Only the best survive ;-).

Experience More than 5 years


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Registered Jan 11 2017 at 21:09

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Systems by BernhardStremayr

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
i-DayTrader DEMO (VAL) 187.12% 14.32% 8028.5 Automated 1:100 Demo
i-DayTrader REAL (GBE) STOPPED 64.86% 4.22% 2352.9 Automated 1:100 Real
New Era REAL (DAR) STOPPED-SLIPPAGE 29.37% 3.58% 3976.6 Automated 1:200 Real

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