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Blonde Jaguar


Name Blonde Jaguar

The Blonde Jaguar focuses solely on the Australian Dollar, specific currency pairs include; AUD vs. CAD and AUD vs. JPY.

Trading style:
The Blonde Jaguar strategy team returns 5-10% AUM per MONTH to investors and is comfortable taking a 2 - 4 pip mark up. The second part of the team with over 30 years experience, control the risk. The Blonde Jaguar strat has exclusive access to an FCA regulated risk bridge system. Investors are able to set their own parameters of daily/monthly draw down, trade time (typically trades are closed within 24hours of the market order), profit margins, and more. By utilizing the risk bridge system the BJ strategy has an astounding 98% win rate!!

Retire Early..... Invest with the Best!

Experience More than 5 years


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Registered Oct 04 2016 at 16:09

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