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Dani Oh


Name Dani Oh

Yes, it is very much possible to succeed as a Forex market trader within a 30Days period... Read that again!

This Is Your 100% Forex Trading Career Success Opportunity Promise Letter Before You Today!

 Do you have all it takes for you to succeed in this great financial trading business?

If you take action today, “Definitely Committing Yourself,” to attend 14Days Forex Success Opportunity’’ as Dani Oh, The 14days Forex Success Maker puts it...

You’ll learn and have a system of Financial Success and Happiness that will help you to become Financially Rich...

And Accumulate True Wealth that would last long forever through Forex market trading and also open you to all the following possibilities of making more and more money than you ever dreamed of in life.

Trading Style:
CashForex Manual And Automatic Trading System

14Days Forex Success Opportunity

Experience More than 5 years

Location nl

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Registered Dec 31 2016 at 21:31

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Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Dani Oh 280.20% 89.35% 1090.2 Manual 1:300 Real
Dani Oh EA 3175.60% 16.04% 131125.9 - 1:500 Real
Dani Oh Gemfx EA 2 517.84% 23.67% 216.2 Automated 1:1000 Real
14Days Advanced Forex Success Opportunity 18.90% 24.56% 1049.7 Manual 1:400 Real
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