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Systems by Danielnwa

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
DanielNWA - Million Dollar Pips 77.87% 38.36% 545.8 Automated 1:400 Real
DanielNWA - D-Day's: Final Test 30.69% 10.49% 762.8 Automated 1:50 Real
fxarturo Feb 16 2012 at 23:26
hi thanks for your analysis followed lost 5% because I closed my feelings and not in due time just went to my account comienso not use robot Tendency only open operations my English is not very good =)
fxarturo Feb 15 2012 at 05:48
hello would like to know your opinion of my trading
DanielNWA Trading
DanielNWA Trading Oct 31 2011 at 19:31
We have made our Classic account available on RentASignal! We had close to a 50% equity growth in October.

Check it out;
DanielNWA Trading
DanielNWA Trading Oct 11 2011 at 04:33
Don't work hard, work smart!!