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Name DiggerOfTruth

Brand New to Forex. Got stung by the Forex Striker sales pitch, but fortunately got refund through Clickbank. Don't trust the Striker crew.

Didn't lose my interest in Forex. Tried out Forex Growth Bot (basic version). Sadly, first night of trading by FGB left us with almost 1000 GBP in the HOLE. BUT, the free FGB Indicator that comes with it is phenomenally accurate, just see for yourself. So, even if you used only that to trade with, you would be profitable every time. It's amazing, actually. Then learn from that and try a few trades on your own. That helped me do wonders in one night. In hours I had almost quadrupled the account. Until ThinkForex's (aka STINKForex's) Secret Saboteurs - without warning/notice - changed the leverage we agreed upon and I was using in trading at the time, live trading. Open orders too.

Can you say SABOTAGE??


CURSE & BOYCOTT ThinkForex aka STINKForex: Wicked, Lying, Thieving, BEASTs. They sabotaged my account and caused a loss of 10,000 GBP. They work against you if you are winning. They change the rules - the leverage secretly - to stop you trading and harm your open position trades. But they still steal the commissions. They are evil, agents of Satan and I curse them all in Jesus' Holy Name.

They shall all pay. See the FGB forum on this site for more details and let us know of a decent broker. Thanks.

Trading style:
New. New "Style". LOL! Big and Bigger Quick Quick Bites "Style". At least that's how it worked out our first night trading for a few hours successfully, mostly.

"Anointed For Conflict" Style.

Truth lives a wretched life...but always survives a lie: Trust Christ Or Go To Hell!!

Experience Less than a year


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Registered Dec 29, 2012 at 06:01

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Systems by DiggerOfTruth

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
STINKForex Live 26.51% 56.56% -484.3 Manual 1:500 Real
DiggerOfTruth Jan 26, 2013 at 21:54
Chart should update Monday - just attached it.

I won't be trading - unless the Terms of Settlement are implemented by them - through STINKForex aka "ThinkForex" anymore. They have been uncovered as saboteurs, conspirators and lowlife lying devils. Neha included in this list. They are DARK. But the Light shall win in the end. Amen.
cgasucks Jan 26, 2013 at 16:32
Have you ever considered MLM?
DiggerOfTruth Jan 26, 2013 at 21:52
Why do you ask? I've tried many things and just found Forex. A friend says to look into options trading too. Have yet to do that. Working out internet connection and - as you know - broker problems with STINKForex aka "ThinkForex". (I think my new nickname for them has traction. Spread it around. :)