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FOREX decrypted


Name FOREX decrypted

A new view on analyzing expert advisors. We from FOREX [decrypted] help you find the best performing Forex strategies for your portfolio. Benefit from transparent and comprehensive Expert Advisor reviews.

The Demo signals are managed by the team behind FOREX [decrypted]

The signals are intended for analysis only and have not been optimized or otherwise adapted. You can analyze the signals by adjusting the currency, Magic Number or other settings. The signals usually contain all strategies (set files) made available by the vendor of the Expert Advisor (with usually constant Lot Size = 0.01, except US30, where Lot Size = 1.00).

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A New View on Analyzing Expert Advisors

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Registered Oct 25 2020 at 06:49

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Systems by FOREXdecrypted

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
BelkaMiner (Demo) -1.09% 2.06% -337.1 - 1:100 Demo
Belkaglazer (Demo) -66.11% 76.80% 227245.8 - 1:100 Demo

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