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FXPIG looks to accomplish the seemingly simple goal of connecting traders with liquidity by incorporating some of the most innovative and complex trading technology available on the market today.

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Systems by FXPIG

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
DOOR FOX 516.91% 9.30% 18165.4 Mixed 1:200 Real
DOOR ECN 5344.44% 40.58% 113736.8 Mixed 1:100 Real
DOOR SFL 98.44% 23.32% 4153.7 Mixed 1:100 Real
mossy5 Sep 10 2017 at 06:34
Precision PAMM is the best. It is very precised! Precised in losing.. 22% loss and counting..

It would be also good if you review your trading strategy and all your trades you placed and see what's going wrong with your trades... Shorten your TP so that it would at least start your momentum in winning.
mossy5 Sep 19 2017 at 07:18
Precision keeps on being precised in losing...
FXPIG Oct 10 2017 at 08:55
Hello Mossy5, the Precision is trading in line with the strategy approved. The market conditions are not always same thus no strategy can be 100% profitable all time... if it was then surely the Holy Grail would have existed...A good strategy is not the one that never loses ( as there is no such thing).. but the one that recovers quickly from the loss...

You are correct, Precision had a bad period, now what is left to see how fast and how good it will get out of the DD period... which would be the final test for this system to prove it is a good one, as it has already passed all other tests...
mossy5 Feb 23 2017 at 09:49
anyone who are investors in Volta 3x? New to FXPig PAMM.
I can't trade
Icantradeproject Mar 01 2017 at 07:29
I started this month with Volta 3X and Sunrise FX. Volta is trading on news so hopefuly in next days it will be more active