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Honeydew Apr 22 2018 at 10:08
I have a trading idea which I want coded to EA or trading robot. Can you help with that.
905083 Oct 08 2017 at 14:57
se sei ancora disponibile alla programmazione di EA ,contattami sulla mia email,mandami l'indirizzo della tua mail ,cosi' potro' inviarti il mio materiale .A presto
905083 Oct 08 2017 at 14:57
la mia mail e' [email protected]
Pentz Consulting
ForexScreamer Jun 14 2017 at 06:12
I don't understand the animosity you've garnered from your service! You're providing a free service, only asking for the use of the EA ... that YOU WROTE ... in exchange. Seems like a perfectly valid service to me.
Freefox Jun 15 2017 at 12:47
Some people just like to complain about anything and everything ... they get off on it. Nobody is forcing them to do anything or holding a gun to their head but rather than just ignore something they don't themselves want to use, they can't resist voicing their negativity on the world. - LOSERS :-)
bombay007 May 21 2017 at 09:17
Hi FreeFox's i love fore you to do my great EA ...let me no thanks....Tommy.......... :)
Jayhk Oct 03 2015 at 08:51
Hello Freefox ! is your deal still valid? i have my own trading system that is proven profitable myself that i want u to build an EA for me. and i agreed your conditions.
cotton30 Feb 21 2015 at 11:14
EA programmer PLEASE help!!!

HI How are you, ... i'm looking for a Forex EA programmer to help me programmer my trading strategy. are you able to help me with programming an FX EA? It's a simply but very effective winning strategy, but I guess everyone's strategy is a winner !! lol.. So I hope to chat to someone that might be able to help me with Programming a FX Auto EA...

Thanks for your time..

jjdgls Sep 19 2014 at 17:39
Hi freefox, is your ea devolping deal still on the table
Freefox Sep 19 2014 at 18:49
Hi, If you can meet the conditions detailed in the post here:-,1

the I will consider it. But very few have been able to demonstrate proof of a successful system which is crucial before I consider developing any EA. PM me if you feel you can fulfil the requirements.
david14 Sep 09 2014 at 01:25
Hi freefox.. i have an EA ... but im getting some errors and also no trades has been placed ... can you do it...reply me
SsOONO1 Jul 26 2019 at 09:19
Hello How are you. Please check out my profile.
Further I have a programming request if you can fulfill. In return you get to use the EA but keep it to yourself. Thank you. Please refer this link.

Await your reply
SsOONO1 Jul 26 2019 at 09:21
The link,1

Thank you