GeneralZod Dec 08 2019 at 17:22
That drawdown at the beginning of the ZOD1 system seems to be the broker doing some weird calculations, or doing something atypical, with this DEMO account before I started actively using it. I'm not sure what the issue was, but you will also see I had no trades active during this time, so couldn't have a drawdown of nearly 100%??! It should have been more like 5-6% was my largest drawdown based on my actual trades. Would have just started another DEMO account then but didn't know I was going to be keeping records of my trading, or that that had happened until I did start keeping track with myfxbook.

Same kind of issue on the ZTEST system March 4th 2019. you'll notice in the history that any trades open at that time were equivalent to trades made before, so the growth rate was in actuality parabolic... equivalent growth to the rest of the chart, without the huge jump up in stats messing up my total stats :/ It should look more like the ZOD1 line