I have been trading and programming since 2013. I have been using the same strategy for many years but now adding Artificial Intellince to my traiding and the results are very promising.
Artificial Intelligence is truly amazing and introducing A.I. to trading is the next step. AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data.
Trading style
Tecnical trading
Timeframes: H8,H12,D and W
Dynamic risk: Risk settings are dynamice and depending on each setup. The risk can vary from 0.8% - 2.8% on HSAI and 0.4%-1.4% on the lower risk account.

My signals are a combination of an algorythm using Artificial Intelligence and Manual Trading. A.I. is used to watch the markets and give attention to possible setups. The algorithms are going through and crunching 10 years of data from MT4 and is also evolving and learning as new data is beeing introduced every minute, every hour, every day. You can clearly see how the system is learning and evolving every day. At the start of the history, the EA was taking trades, making little gains, slowly but steadily learning to choose the right setups and at the start of 2020 it was able to dissect the market and give it´s presumption of each and every trade. Firstly, it took fixed % risk on each trade but middle of March 2020, able to change the risk depending on the strength of the setup. Lowest risk is 0.8% on a trade but can highest be 2.8 (we rarely get these trades, but they surely are a treat when the appear).

By using A.I to trade, we are saying no to subjective trading and that is important:
Flawed human brain - all traders have experienced the following:
• • • • • • •
We behave irrationally
We take more risk when we’re losing
We want less risk when we’re winning
We let losers run
Cut winners quickly
We trade when there is nothing to trade
We trade on opinions.

Advantages of AI-
• • •
Don´t give up and the results will come.