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Impact Trading


Name Impact Trading

The Impact Trading Methodology:

Is based upon Technical analysis represented on Monthly, Daily, Weekly, Hourly Charts only using price action.

The price in the forex market moves because of supply and demand order blocks or zones.

Demand is set by the buyers, supply is set by the sellers in the market.

When there are more buy orders in the market than sell orders, the price will move up.
When there are more sell orders in the market than buyers, the price will move down.

The Impact Trading Method uses:

Technical Chart Analysis
Chart pattern recognition
Candle Pattern Recognition
Price Action
Supply Demand
Support Resistances


Plan Trades
Plan Entrys
Plan Stoploss
Plan Profit Targets

Be a consistently profitable Trader.

Trading style:
Technical -

Supply Demand - Support Resistance - Price Action


Plan your trades, Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

Experience 3-5 years


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