I've been in the computer industry for the last 20 years, since mid-1993, and have basically done it all at some stage. Started off as a software trainer, moved on to become a computer tehnician and then onto network support. In 1998 I started developing websites, and eventually progressed to computer programming.

My first run-in with trading was in June 2010 when I started servicing a client's trading computer. I was so impressed with the computer setup that consisted of a high-end system with a stack of 8 x 22" LCD screens, that I just had to find out what he used it for. That is when I was introduced to the world of a professional Forex Trader, and he is very good at what he does.

Long story short, I started my education as a trader, and today, many years later (and minus quite a bit of "school-fees"), I'm still here and more passionate about trading than ever. It suits me perfectly as I can keep my eye on the markets while I run my programming and web development business from home.
Trading style
I am predominantly an intra-day discretionary Swing Trader, but will sometimes keep a position open for days or even weeks.

I prefer a simple rules-based approach to trading, that involves proper fundamental and technical analysis, and high-probability trade selection based on a risk/reward profile of at least 1:3.

My favourite indicator is price-ation itself. I will use tried and tested traditional indicators such as candlestick and chart patters, support and resistance levels, fibocacci retracement and extensions, daily pivots, moving averages and RSI to confirm my trade setups.
Keep it simple, be disciplined, get rich slowly and above all protect your equity!


Systems by JacoAF

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Contest - JacoAF 67.56% 0.39% 765.8 - 1:200 Demo
FXPro MT4 - 7019747 126.54% 34.83% 655.7 Manual 1:200 Demo

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