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Kevin Bønnelykke


Name Kevin Bønnelykke

Trading style:
My trading system focus on Price Action and consists of locating short and long trade setups, by analyzing candlesticks and candlestick formations in combination with double Bollinger Bands and support and resistance lines/channels. I also look at the trend direction and look after various formations like the "W" and "M" formations and Elliott Waves. The fundamental aspect is also analyzed, but kept to a minimum of consideration (10 % fundamental, 90 % technical).

I trade and analyze only the major currency pairs and use only the larger timeframes, such as the daily, weekly and monthly charts, but I evaluate/analyze my positions every day. Because of this, I will only have a few trades a week, however the signals are much stronger and more reliable and it reduces the risk significantly. I also highly consider and analyze the correlation between the currency pairs, to confirm trade signals and most importantly reduce the risk in my trades.

I strongly emphasize on keeping my loosing trades small and winning trades big. I always keep a low risk (1-3 % per trade, depending on how strong the signal is) and drawdown (max 12 %).

I always split my trades in two. For example: if I want to open a 1 lot short position in EURUSD, I open two 0.50 lots. Both will have the same stop loss, but only one of the positions will have an take profit order. When the take profit order is hit on one position, I will then move the stop loss on the other position to break-even and from there keep a manual trailing stop loss, so I can let the position run for as much profit as possible. My risk/reward ratio is minimum 1:1.

I strive for a consistently monthly profit of 5-10 % on average.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:

Kind regards
Kevin Bønnelykke

"The last day you have on earth, the person you become will met the person you could have become"

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