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I decided to trade forex because I wanted my time and financial freedom. I was tired of working for people, pay check to pay check.
I have been trading for a little over 5 years. With those years I gained a lot of experience through losses and blown accounts. I am very thankful for those years because they taught me the necessary skills I needed to be a constantly profitable trader.
Over the years, I have learned that to be successful in this business, you "MUST HAVE" and or "MUST BE" the following six things:
1. You Must Have a good trading system (strategy & plan) that have been tested and proven to have a winning edge in the market.
2. You Must Have Confidence in your trading system which will help you to dispel your emotion from your trading.
3. You Must Be Patient, waiting for edge in the market to show up.
4. You Must Be Passionate about trading because it will help you to keep going when the going gets tough through losses and blown accounts.
5. You Must Be Consistent with your execution, following your trading strategy and trading plan to the letter.
6. You Must Be Discipline by treating your trading like a business, following all necessary rules and regulations.

Wish you Trading Success.

Trading style:
Plan your trade and trade your plan. Follow the trend, it is your friend. Do not chase the market, let the market come to you.

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