Hey guys thanks for visiting my profile. I am on a journey to achieve financial freedom through trading forex.

I am also the owner of, a site dedicated to providing traders with a combination of education, signals and managed accounts. All with the sole purpose of helping us all make money.

Visit our trading room to discuss trading opportunities and follow other professional traders.

Trading style
I recruit professional traders from around the world and have them trade my funds on my behalf.

There are a team of traders all working on different elements of my $500,000+ portfolio, helping me achieve my $1mil goal.

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Systems by NickMcDonald

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
SteadyCapture 2x (former FX Viper) 256.49% 56.04% 53086.3 Manual 1:500 Real
SteadyCapture 2x MAM Client Account 253.54% 32.60% 63049.9 Manual 1:500 Real
SteadyCapture - Nicks Account 2x Risk 63.92% 25.54% 32823.4 Manual 1:100 Real
Aeon 13.11% 5.54% 10925.5 Automated 1:500 Real
GoldStar Follower Account 20.91% 33.35% 128368.4 - 1:500 Real
Revolution -4.93% 17.48% 7427.8 Automated 1:100 Real