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Paolo Bonato


Name Paolo Bonato

I began working in the family business. I was responsible for the financial management of currency flows and of the relative cover of exchange rates. That’s where my interest in the foreign currency exchange market began. Over the years, I studied and developed a management method applicable to the stock options and Forex markets. Since 2006, I have worked constantly on the Wall Street markets of stock options and foreign exchange. Since 2010 I'm a Fund Manager - Professional Trader.

Trading style:
Active trading. Short term trading: Intraday and few days strategic positions, usually not more than 1 week. I trade on Forex and CFD on Commodities and Stock Market Indeces. My method is pretty symple but very dynamic. Basically I have 2 strategies to work on Trend or on a Range Market. I combine elements of Fundamental and Technical analysis. Fulltime monitoring and managing the trades. I'm not a fan of big leverage. All my strategies are protected with a 30% max. SL. No Loss in the last 7 years, annual performance always in "double digit"! For further info pls visit my website:

A WINNER always find a way... a LOSER always find an exscuse!

Experience More than 5 years

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Registered Jun 04 2018 at 15:04

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Systems by PaoloBonato

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Starplus.PJ0103-66 721.08% 62.91% 666160.4 Manual 1:200 Real
Starplus.Growth 86.42% 34.25% 758339.7 - 1:100 Real
Starplus.AG1204-54 113.15% 33.87% 706783.0 - 1:100 Real
Starplus.MA2103-71 85.85% 33.80% 705200.6 - 1:100 Real

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