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Name PathfinderFX

With over 15 years of software development and more than 10 years of trading various markets, PathfinderFX focuses on developing robust, resilient, and time tested algorithms that perform well over the worst and best of market conditions. Our algorithms use 14 years of tick-level data that cover the most significant market environments of the past two decades.

Trading style:
Risk management is core to our successful strategies. By risking a maximum of 2-3% on each trade, a risk:reward ratio of 1:2 at a minimum, we limit downside risk and maximize upside potential. Our trading strategies are based on 100% automation to maximize efficiency and market availability. Using rule-based entries and exits implemented by computers we remove the human emotional component that is often the cause of significant losses to forex traders.

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Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Strategy_GBPJPY_H1_20_26 13.49% 13.16% 998.7 Automated 1:100 Demo
Strategy_GBPJPY_H4_28_45 10.69% 18.55% 324.3 Automated 1:100 Demo
Strategy_XAUUSD_H1_48_61 24.07% 9.15% 4745.0 Automated 1:100 Demo
Strategy_XAUUSD_H1_8_78 7.47% 22.67% 2489.0 Automated 1:100 Demo
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