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Name PegasusFX


Welcome to Pegasus FX. I trade safely and responsibly, minimizing risk at all times

Entries based on price action, volatility and algorithmic detection. Stop Loss values & Target Profit forecasts based on accumulated statistical trade data

Stop Loss moving Expert Advisor used

Fixed Fractional Money Management Expert Advisor used – [2% per Trade]



Maximum Drawdown per Trade >> 2%


1 Max Open position at all times

Risk Reward Ratio (RRR) set at 2:1 on all trades

Stop Loss values are variable but usually range between 50 – 120 pips per trade. During high volatility in the market, Stop Loss values can be higher – [*Max 300 Pips]

Take Profit value always set as double of whatever Stop Loss Value is on respective trade (RRR – 2:1)


Trades are left open during major economic or geopolitical events to take advantage of volatility in the market.

I do not open positions every day. On average between 4 – 7 trades per month.

Expert Advisor calculates fixed fractional money management/compound interest ratio of 2% of equity per trade based on Stop Loss value. This enables strategy to reduce drawdowns and improve the maximum return of investment.


Trading style:
• I always trade with a Stop Loss on all positions

• No Martingale, Hedging or Scalping techniques used

• I do not let losses run and I am not afraid to cut losses early if I feel it is the right decision

• Performance Management fee for potential investors is set at 15%

• For any potential Acquisition Partners who introduce investors to PegasusFX, the remuneration rate is 25% of the funds received

• Full Statistical Breakdown of my trading can be found here:


I look forward to speaking with potential investors & partners. Below is the link to the PegasusFX PAMM Account page if you would like to invest. You can also keep up to date with PegasusFX trading via my daily Blog:



Welcome to Pegasus FX. I trade safely and responsibly, minimizing risk at all times

Experience 3-5 years


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Registered Feb 10 2016 at 13:51

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