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Nicholas Cooley


Name Nicholas Cooley

35yo Male from Australia. I was educated by a special man. A quant, a consultant to the big banks. But its not just that he is a genius, it’s the fact he was a creating genius to devise strategys based around market makers/algos/accumulation and to show why the markets move, who is genuine and loves the market/people, not just the money. I have spent the last 5 years of my life EVERYDAY learning and trading.

Trading style:
I am an intraday propriety trader of the Australian Dollar vs US Dollar (Aud/Usd)
I took this education and created my own perspective using one market. It has been a 5-year process. I quit day jobs and have been learning/trading EVERYDAY/ALL DAY with a team of close friends.
I work in a small team which consists of IT professionals. We have set up many software’s to help with risk.
I am a specialist in Volume – Profile, Cumulative Delta, Options Open Interest, Implied/Historical Volatility and Yields. That is where the REAL market value lies.
I DO NOT USE Stochastics, Oscillators, MACDs etc that tell us nothing going forward. Price action alone is one very small layer. I can see if I price is oversold/bought, increasing in momentum etc by simply looking at price action/volume. Any prop trader worth their salt can.

Never Chase the Market like you should never chase your dreams. If its out of reach of your limitations, let it go

Experience More than 5 years

Location au

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Registered Jan 10 2016 at 04:55

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