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Name SPlandfx

email me at [email protected] to sign up for PAMM

Trading style:
1st Method Breakout strategy on major pairs
2nd Method Asian scalper
3rd Method trading off the bounce of moving averages (similar to bank and floor trader method)
4rd Method Price action trading:
-Support/Resistance/Clear Pivot Zone
-DBLHC- Double Bar Low Higher Close
-DBHLC- Double Bar High Lower Close
-Two Or More Matching Highs Or Lows. Must be within 2 pips of each other. If the high or low is broken, it means the resumption of the current trend.
-BEOVB- Bearish Outside Vertical Bar (This is Simply Bearish Engulfing Pattern)
-BUOVB- Bullish Outside Vertical Bar (This is Simply Bullish Engulfing Pattern)
-Pin Bars
-Low Risk Trading
-Good risk to reward

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Experience More than 5 years

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Registered Feb 14 2017 at 16:16

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