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Name Wonder

I have a PhD in Biological Sciences, I have studied a lot of Mathematics and Statistics and I use my knowledge for trading. I started to trade to improve my monthly incomes 10 years ago with hedged funds and stocks, 2 years ago I started with Forex and Indices. Actually I do prefer only Forex where risk is lower.

Trading style:
My method is simply a trend following approach. I enter the market only in trend and at a particular point, using only orders. I never enter the market directly.
I use H4, D1, W1 and M1 time-frames; intraday and multiday trades. Intraday trades are closed within 8 hours and anyway before 9 pm. Rarely I put an order during the night. I put multiday trades early in the morning or I wait for the right moment.
I work on forex, 27 crosses, all available on NDD trading account of Teletrade.
Actually I do use stop loss only for Multiday tradings, for H4 tradings I sue hedged positions. But I do eliminate any hedged position as soon as possible. Statistically I do close 98% of trades in Profit and only 1-2% in loss.

Never risk more than 1% per position and never trade on the news

Experience 1-3 years


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Registered May 23 2017 at 08:11

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Systems by Shiravale

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
ProfitOnForex Manual -77.81% 61.86% 4589.9 - 1:100 Real
IDS Venture_ProfitOnForex test 10.33% 66.08% 5065.3 Automated 1:100 Demo
ProfitOnForex Several Test Account -96.78% 99.67% 9052.8 Manual 1:100 Real
Wonder Jun 28 2020 at 05:47
updates on my system

EA market on

Telegram channel


official signal on
Wonder Mar 25 2020 at 12:10
My telegram channel
Wonder Mar 22 2020 at 10:56
I have created a Channel on Telegram to have news on the EA and on the system I am managing.

The name of the channel is "IDS Venture EA real test"

search for it on Telegram

Wonder Mar 22 2020 at 06:04
I will open a MAM as many people asked me. I am evaluating the best broker in Europe.
Wonder Mar 22 2020 at 06:04
I just opened a real account where I use a combination of the IDS Venture EA with another EA fas in this account. With my personal settings.
Revenue expected 10% per week. You find the signal in the community and it is accessible via MT4.