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Name Kyle

Started looking at trading Nov '10.
Read a lot on Babypips and came across the Madscalper method by Petefader.
Started by learning Petefaders madscalper method, however have taken an interest to VSA trading.
Read Master the Markets and whatever info I can get on this method.

Trading style:
With everything in life, I like to understand what I do before doing it.
Same with trading. It is all to easy to blindly follow an indicator or EA system, but they will always have flat spots when the market behaviour is out of synch with it.
Understanding the reason behind a move in the market, and ultimately seeing where the smart money is going is what I want to learn, and hopefully will one day be my primary wage.

The more I learn with Fx, the luckier I will seem to be :)

Experience 1-3 years

Location au

Vouchers 0

Registered Jul 06 2011 at 09:37

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Systems by Tassiefx

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Madscalper July '11 24.14% 9.10% 303.6 Manual 1:100 Demo
The Hunt Fully Automated -15.83% 29.41% -50.2 - 1:10 Demo
The Hunt Automated with XJ Filters -96.94% 96.95% -2658.8 - 1:10 Demo
Tassiefx Trading -34.34% 57.54% -500.2 Manual 1:10 Real

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