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Name Jay

I'm a full time, independent spot forex and futures trader. Been trading since 2005. Profitable since 2009. Full time since late 2009. In 2011, had no losing months, with no more than a 11% drawdown. I very recently started providing a trade cloning service for those who want to take my trades with me. Contact me for more info, or check out:

Trading style:
I use technical analysis primarily, as well as market sentiment, several news feeds, and a very little fundamentals (for longer term bias) to help me determine with very high probability where sell orders will likley outnumber buy orders at a particular price range, or visa versa. In other words, I look to quantify where supply or demand will be out of balance, and I then look to trade with the side that has the most orders.

I Just Trade

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Registered Jan 19 2012 at 17:10

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Systems by XSquaredTrading

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
XSquaredTrading 8.25% 10.45% 4193.7 - - Demo
JaysProject -90.00% 91.46% 4209.1 Manual 1:50 Real
X-Squared-Master -15.22% 8.16% 947.4 Manual 1:50 Demo

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igbi1958 Feb 13 2012 at 00:05
Thanks for your response. What about the spreads? Hope high spreads will not affect the performance of your signals on my broker FXDD US as their spreads tends to be on the high side. Does your strategy involves scalping. Will appreciate a response before I sign up
igbi1958 Feb 06 2012 at 13:14
Can your signals be used on a US broker like FXDD with 1:50 leverage? If yes, what is the minimum starting acct deposit that is required?
XSquaredTrading Feb 13 2012 at 01:20
I actually don't know how it would work with the spreads, but I can sy a "typical" spread for me on the pairs I trade is approx 2-3 pips, and I have an expectancy of approx 6 pips per, if your spread tends to be 1 pip higher... 3-4 would lower profits by approx 17%. HOWEVER. i recommend just signing up...trying it for a couple days...if it's not working for you, cancel at no charge from me :) As far as "scalping"...everyone has a different definition, but no, i wouldn't consider it average targets are about 30-60 pips
muzzamcc Feb 22 2012 at 05:37
Jay, is the Oanda account basically a slave account getting the X-Squared trades from the IBFX demo? If this is the case and as its a real account this will be good for people to monitor too.