I was an engineer, programmer, project manager and IT-expert, while developing my own FX-trading system. Now it works and feeds me and my various non-FX projects for three+ years.
Trading style
That's not about scalping, martingale or something based on the features of the broker I work with. I've worked out a trading system which is able to operate trends, i.e., it makes profit on movements and manages not to lose much in a flat market. It doesn't need to be adjusted to the market conditions, for it uses a Market behaviour model, designed by me in the mid of 2010, kept unchanged and working fine for 5 years since that (as well as on the 7+ years of historic data before 2010).


Systems by asmodeux

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
ПЛАЧ RUB 550.86% 46.07% 10691.5 Automated 1:100 Real
Alpari USD 60.25% 1.33% 8789.0 Automated 1:25 Real
Alpari RUB 145.16% 10.79% 15784.3 Automated 1:25 Real
Alfa PAMM 328.29% 32.50% 10678.3 Automated 1:100 Real
Sempiternus 27.38% 41.14% 7281.5 Automated 1:10 Real
Asmodeux 4x -95.44% 99.01% 4567.0 Automated 1:50 Real
FX Gain 656.90% 63.11% 26645.6 Automated 1:500 Real

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