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bigtraderapp Sep 12 2015 at 17:52
I have been testing the Excellent FXStabilizer EA on a live account for several weeks now. I am highly impressed with the perfect results and thus far all my trades have matched the vendors account on MyFxBook:

The Vendor recommended I start out with the Durable Mode so that's what I did. I could not be happier traders! The EA is extremely simple to set-up and you're ready for profits instantly. I especially like the way it focuses on the 1H AUD/USD pair solely.

Great EA for traders in the USA (or other countries) since does not have the need to utilize hedging thus complies with NFA rules if required. No scalping so another plus for certain brokers with wide spreads, etc. FXStabilizer is not broker sensitive!

Do not be afraid of this (dare I say) Martingale style EA like others. It is definitely not just another marty that randomly places trades hoping for a retrace. It is highly intelligent and the Long Term MyFxBook results back it up.

I have used just about all the big name EA's and this is without a doubt my favorite EA for long term investment growth. I have also tested many manual trading systems eg: Forex Income Boss, Gemini Code, New Science Of Forex Trading, etc, etc. They have their pros and cons but they are just simply too time consuming and stressful, especially regarding when to exit trades. Sure they have the rules to follow to help with that but it never works out that way. FXStabilizer relieves all the stress from manual trading and even other EA's on the market.

I will keep you "my fellow traders" posted on my future results.

Note: I am not an affiliate, just a very happy FXStabilizer Customer...

Happy Trading!
Tbone46 Mar 29 2015 at 14:00
Hi, I also read your post (in KeltnerPro) about the Trade copies you're getting. Please let me know who/where to get in touch. Thanks!
Drew Mar 23 2015 at 15:24
Hi, I read your post (in KeltnerPro) about the Trade copies you're getting. Please let me know who/where to get in touch. Thanks!
bigtraderapp Mar 17 2015 at 19:54
I have been having way better results with a Trade Copier than all my EA's. I was told about it a short time early last week.

The professional that manually trades the account is nothing short of amazing! He is very professional with excellent customer service skills and gets you set up and trading lightening fast. In 4 trading sessions he has already come close to doubling my account...about 80% profit! I have used all the popular EA's (old & new), manual trading, etc. with mixed results and blown accounts lol but really...not funny. It really hurts.

Nothing has come close to the results I am getting from this gentleman's Trade Copier. No missed trades from price feed, etc. compared to the vendors, getting loosing trades and vendor not showing lost trades. So much more less stressful and very exciting to watch extremely active and profitable trades. Got a DD and then bam, turns into high profit in same session...Awesome!

If anyone wants his contact info feel free to send me a PM.

It's a Top Shelf Trade Copier or Managed Account and so far like the goose that laid the golden egg...

Sorry if my post sounds like I am selling but I am just simply telling it like it is and hopefully some fellow traders will be helped like I have been.

Happy Trading!
Ozzie Matt
aeronthomas Mar 18 2015 at 03:59
is there a myfxbook link for this system?