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Tabibito Trader


Name Tabibito Trader

Hi, All!!

I'm a single intermediate Forex Trader from JP.
I used to engage myself in commodity and futures trading for several years, especially with a method f Arbitrage trading(Alias Hedge Trading) and have gained consistent and stable profits from the market.
I believe I was succeeded in the commodity market.
Along with Commodity and Future market, Forex market is also fascinating for me in point of view of both for long-term investment and for speculation, which generally defined as short-term trade and risky deals.
Here, myfxbook, I have decided to update my daily results of system trades that I'm currently running.(There are no manual trading records here, though)
By making those records available for the public to refer to, this has been helping maintain my motivation to keep on developing new trading systems.
From another points, they've given some insights of the outlook of the system I've been made and possible to see the performance and specs. of the systems, as well.
Well, I'm growing and trying to make my new idea to realize.
That is something like Arbitrage System, or Argo Systems, those which I have some experienced by hand in Commodity markets, but quite few knowledge in Forex market.
Not sure when I make my new idea open to the public, nor have the actual plan to make it come true both in real and possibility, however I know I can do that!!
Thanx for reading my bio.


せっかくなので、 良いシステムも悪いシステムも含めて一般公開したほうが、日々の成績が客観的に見れるだけでなく、システムトレード開発のモチベーション維持にもつながると思い、公開に踏み切りました。



Trading Style:
System and Manual Trading, all done almost by technical issues and elements.
Scalps, Day and Swing Trade based on multi time frame.

Not Specified.

Experience 1-3 Years

Location th

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Registered Jul 31 2010 at 02:24

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