QuantumSignalsFX Jul 23 2017 at 06:26
No way to check performance as far as I can see but Forex Climber is on UK Ebay for GBP 30
Set up H1 and H4 charts if you are busy then check morning and evening and set up pending orders. New ones will appear dont cancel the old ones as they expire. Close the MT4 and open again to reset if you like after you haveset up alll the pending showing. I noticed it does reset the charts and new pending orders may appear. I dont do M15 charts as I work and less work for me udating M15 pending orders which will be more busier
The EA does work but just use on one account as you will be put off if you run an EA and wants to trade differently to your other EA. I am on Demo but at the end of July will go live, In one month I am up 40% in 1 month but I know its not much time but with what other people have said it looks like this is not a fluke.
Good luck