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donald otieno


Name donald otieno

Born in Nakuru, Kenya on the 31st of May 1996, i've always been a very goal oriented kid. Everything i put my mind to i always succeeded eventually no matter the hurdles so when i mistakenly clicked on a trading ad on Google, i became very excited. A few hours later i was called by these "marketing geniuses" who promised me the world through trading and how easy it would be. Long story short, i blew over 3 accounts and lost huge money but learned everything else.

Trading style:
Im a technical strategist trader and only inclined to the fundamentals when the effect in the market will be huge e.g brexit. Otherwise my strategies are immune to all other news and market sentiments. The least percentage return in a month is around 50% -and that's in a bad month. average monthly return is 110%

cut loses quicky let winners run.

Experience 1-3 years

Location ke

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Registered Jun 10 2016 at 05:34

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Systems by donaldo196

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
donald otieno 103.32% 9.81% 2082.9 Manual 1:1000 Demo

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