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Systems by forexdevice

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Forex Device SIG 228.83% 36.15% 336.0 Automated 1:500 Demo
Forex Device Gallant 59.56% 87.93% 199.7 Automated 1:500 Demo
Gold-Forex Device 14.44% 10.23% 541.8 Automated 1:200 Demo
Forexdevice-Real -99.89% 99.95% -17443.2 Automated 1:400 Real
Matt May 12 2013 at 13:20
Give us some real accounts with a real money forward test please! Demos are worthless.
forexdevice Mar 22 2013 at 08:20
No one single strategy is best rather than a mix of all the strategies may be good one.

There could be as many trading systems/ strategies as there are traders in the world.
You could probably make a list of one hundred or even more methods to trade Foreign Exchange market and they would probably work. The main thing is to adapt any one of them to your individual trading style.

Here is a list of few top trading strategies:

1. Trend trading is the mother of all strategies in Forex markets
2. Forex range trading system
3. Breakout trading strategy
4. Swing trading as an alternative of trend following
5. Forex news trading system
6. Forex scalping strategy
7. Overbought and oversold levels trading strategy
8. Turtle trading strategy
9. Trading chart patterns
10. 123 Forex trading strategy
11. Regular and hidden divergence Forex trading strategies.
12. Forex trading strategies with daily RSI indicator
13. Bollinger bands trading system
14. 200 sma trading system
15. Pivot points trading strategy