XtremeRisk Mar 18 2014 at 06:54
Hi fxdiva,
I've had the same issue as you and have just worked it out. I've made a 100% profit in the wrong effing account - for which I hold Myfxdesk totally responsible. In the 'Myfxbook Contest Registration' email they sent you - which clearly states in the subject line that you've registered for the contest - there is a login and password. Not unreasonably, as I wasn't prompted to use these at any point and MT4 opened up without them - I assumed I was trading the contest account. Why would I think any different? Grrr! My guess is that you've done the same thing - along with anyone else who's had this problem. So, check your emails and then copy 'n paste the login and password into the relevant boxes (click on 'login' under File). I'm not at all impressed with Myfxbook - they couldn't even be bothered to reply to my messages.