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Name JJ

I've been interested in trading since the days I had to ask my dad to place trades for me over the phone. The information that available was only available to mortals at the end of the day and charts had to be done by hand into your own notebooks. No mortal was able to afford that thing resembling computer. But with time computers became standard and trading became easier and easier, cheaper and most importantly faster. With the entry of the MT4 platform that game changed completely. On my trading journey there were ups and downs. I've been and lived through the mini crashes, flash crashes, 2008 crash, swiss crash, 911 and most importantly crashes of my brokers MFGlobal and one before that. It left me in state of paralysis for a while. I became what you would call and analyst. I could call the markets with ridiculous accuracy, but wasn't able to turn that into money. Every time I placed a trade I double guessed my self. So I started to sell my analysis until I found out one of my fist customers turned 10k into little over a million based on my work. I decided it is time to get back into the market. Of course it will not be that simple. Once I started to make some serious money. My house burned down with trades open and by the time I realized that if my PC is not running the stops will not be working I got a call from my broker and my account was gone. I was literally at 0, with my wife, myself, and my kids and our pijamas. That was it. Fast forward a year and here I am trading again. We'll see where this will take us.

Trading style:
Basic fundamental analysis, calculating intrinsic value in conjunction with entries based on technical analysis.

A journey of thousand steps starts with putting one foot in front of another.

Experience More than 5 years

Location sk

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Registered Feb 18 2015 at 09:16

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Systems by jjdtrade

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Apex01 4.30% 1.20% 222.8 Manual 1:100 Real
Apex02 2.12% 2.19% 190.3 Manual 1:100 Demo
Apex03 2.14% 0.97% 119.3 Manual 1:30 Demo
Apex06 1.40% 0.31% 50.4 Manual 1:100 Demo

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