"I am a professional trader who has accumulated over 15 years of experience in trading in the FX market. I have honed my skills and insight in FX trading, adapting to various market cycles and conditions.

My trading career is based on thorough research and analysis. I constantly strive to accurately predict market trends, minimize risks, and maximize profits. Additionally, I continuously evaluate my trading strategies, utilizing the latest information and technical analysis for investment decisions.

My trading style is solid and calm. I trade based on established strategies, unaffected by emotions. Risk management is central to my trading, and I have refined techniques to adjust position sizes carefully and minimize losses.

Through my experience, I have gained the ability to adapt to various currency pairs and market conditions. I have found the key to success by combining fundamental and technical analysis in the forex market. I have steadily improved my trading skills to understand the complexity of the forex market and respond to its fluctuations.

I also have strong communication skills and value collaboration with fellow traders and clients. By sharing trade ideas and market views and exchanging knowledge and information, I contribute to mutual success.

Lastly, I uphold the principles of an ethical trader. I prioritize compliance with regulations and laws, practice proper risk management, and pursue stable earnings. My goal is to achieve long-term success and protect my clients' interests.

As an experienced FX trader, I am confident in providing stable returns while riding the market waves. Let's leverage my knowledge and skills to pursue success together."
Trading style
I mainly use Expert Advisors (EAs) in MT4, and I specialize in turning range-bound markets into profitable opportunities.
Long Term Profit


Systems by maximumz123

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
MAXIMUM-MiddleRisk-5 48.69% 33.62% 1128.7 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-LowRisk-5 21.71% 18.70% 1510.1 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-LowRisk CENT 18.90% 19.90% 1533.3 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-MiddleRisk CENT 44.61% 35.42% 1159.6 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-MiddleRisk PRO 28.59% 30.24% 1358.8 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-LowRisk PRO 16.05% 14.82% 1241.0 - 1:500 Real
MAXIMUM-Low-100 4.29% 1.34% 330.1 - 1:500 Demo

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